Friday, April 14, 2006

Creative Consultants

We have set up a part of this website for creative ideas for church, a place to throw ideas around, or ask for advice. I hope it will be a resource for our service leaders or any of you involved in communicating, and a way of continuing our pursuit of authentic creative worship.
It is moderated by some of the experienced creatives in church so you can throw ideas at them, or seek their wisdom on how to do stuff better...

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Bit tired this morning because I sat up way too late last night answering questions on Yahoo's new Answers forum. It is quite an interesting concept - people get to ask any question they like, whether it is about their homework, or about the existence of God, and then others answer them and you can vote on the best answer.
As ever with these online discussions there is plenty on nonsense, but I am intrigued by the possibilities.

I think this might be a great idea for the church website - what do you think?

I haven't found the technology to implement something like this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rejection hurts

We are going video crazy on this blog - sorry about that. However here is a genius advertisement by a US denomination called 'ejector pew' and asking for peoples stories of rejection by church.

"God doesn't reject people. Neither do we"

a short film about prayer

We have been doing better at being creative this term at COTC, the service leaders have been taking initiatives, and that has had inspired lots of others. Jeremy made a short film about prayer, a beautiful simple piece of work drawing on the image of a message in a bottle.
He writes...
'I think the message in a bottle makes a interesting metaphor for prayer, because it is simultaneously a symbol of both hope and desperation. The castaway on a desert island resorts to messages flung into the outgoing tide because there is no other way to communicate. And at the same time, there's hope as that message is thrown into the sea - hope that someone will find it, that someone will send help. It's a last hope and an only hope. And it's going to take patience. It's a symbol of hopeful waiting, and faith in eventual rescue'.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Son of Man

I really enjoy making these videos to tie into talks at church, but they take ages to do.

I had been meaning to do this one based around my favorite Doves track called 'Pounding', and finally got the chance. We used it as part of the talk 'Son of Man' thinking about the apocalyptic subtext of Jesus ministry.

You can watch it here. [8mb Quicktime]