Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Last Sunday - Image and Truth

This sunday evening we hosted a group of London based photographers for an exhibition of their work. A really good evening, the place was packed, Barry Dunnage spoke on 'Image and Truth". Liz has lots of pictures from the night here

Church on the Beach 25th-28th May

More information about our weekend away.
We are staying at the Pitton Cross Campsite which is five minutes from the beach. There are some pictures of the Gower here
Transport - we will hire a minibus, and there will be plenty of Cars driving down at various times. Or there is the train to Swansea option if you want it a bit more civilised; we can pick you up from there. Sunday is Pentecost and we will be having church on the beach.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

COTC Pub sign

I was thinking today about what image I would like for our new pub sign outside church. How about an iconic Jesus image in the style of the Angelic, or how about doing something in reaction to that.
One of my favorite images is Banksy's Fallen angel
How about this for our pub sign?

Sunday, April 08, 2007


We had a beautiful Easter, from the solemnnity of our service of shadows, watching the excellen and thought provoking Jesus of Montreal on Saturday night, watching the sun rise on Hampstead heath on easter morning and a lovely all age service after a fine breakfast.

My egg and bacon buttie

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ex Libris COTC

As we look to develop the Cloudsley room at COTC (as the upstairs end room is
now known) as a place for reading, study and prayer I thought it
would be good to develop our Library. There are lots of good books at
the moment, but on the whole they are cast offs. So instead of people
donating their old books I thought it would be great to get you all
to donate your favorite book.

Why not look at your bookshelf and decide which is the book that has
meant the most to you, and donate it to your family at church (if you
can't live without it you can buy it again - it must be worth it!).
And better still why not write a review of it to encourage others to
read it.

I have made a little 'ex libris' card which you could print out and
stick inside the front, which has room for a brief review. If you
want to write something longer, why not tuck that into the book too.

We will select some of the best reviews and display them on the shelf
(like in Waterstones) .